Cardiff ContrAl Clinic is a non-residential clinic providing a unique highly-successful treatment programme to people suffering from addiction.


We are based in Cardiff, South Wales.


ContrAl focuses on curing excessive drinking, alcohol abuse and alcoholism.


International research, and our experience locally, has proved that the ContrAl programme is more effective than other treatment methods currently available.


The ContrAl programme is based upon providing assessment, psychological treatment and medication. This significantly reduces alcohol craving without causing unpleasant side effects.


Uniquely, the treatment requires you to continue to drink whilst you are on the programme.


For more information on the Cardiff ContrAl Clinic Programme please contact us for more information.






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How to contact us:


You can contact us by e-mail, telephone or letter to find out more about our service and for us to tell you where your nearest clinic is in Cardiff.


Our correspondence address is:
Cardiff ContrAl Clinic
Temple Court
13a Cathedral Road