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Cardiff ContrAl Clinic is a non-residential clinic providing a unique highly-successful treatment programme to people suffering from addiction.


We are based in Cardiff, South Wales.


ContrAl focuses on curing excessive drinking, alcohol abuse and alcoholism.


International research, and our experience locally, has proved that the ContrAl programme is more effective than other treatment methods currently available.


The ContrAl programme is based upon providing assessment, psychological treatment and medication. This significantly reduces alcohol craving without causing unpleasant side effects.



What is Addiction?


Addiction is a condition in which a man takes part in the utilization of a substance or in a conduct for which the compensating impacts give a convincing motivating force to over and over seek after the conduct regardless of unfavorable outcomes. Habit may include the utilization of substances, for example, liquor, inhalants, narcotics, cocaine, nicotine, and others, or practices, for example, betting. There is logical proof that the addictive substances and practices share a key neurobiological element—they strongly initiate mind pathways of remuneration and support, a significant number of which include the synapse dopamine.

Both substance utilize scatters and betting practices have an improved probability of being joined by emotional wellness conditions, for example, sadness and nervousness or other previous issues. Substance utilize and betting scatters not just draw in a significant number of a similar cerebrum components of compulsivity, they react to a considerable lot of similar ways to deal with treatment. Sex addicts turn to viagra or cialis which are known to have many negative side effects. We recommend using all natural pills like male ultracore since the ingredients are safe and the supplement is clinically tested. Consider reading male ultracore reviews before you think of pushing through with your male ultracore order.


Signs and Symptoms of Addiction


Cardiff ContrAl Clinic Woman in addiction

  • A strong desire to use or engage in the behavior.
  • A great deal of time is spent using substances or engaging in the problematic behavior.
  • An inability to fulfill obligations at school, work, or home.
  • Previously enjoyed hobbies are abandoned in favor of use or behavior.
  • The inability to cut back or quit using or engaging in the behavior.
  • Tolerance to the substance or behavior.
  • Relationship or social problems resulting from use or behavior.
  • Withdrawal symptoms upon cessation of use or behavior

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How to contact us:


You can contact us by e-mail, telephone or letter to find out more about our service and for us to tell you where your nearest clinic is in Cardiff.


Our correspondence address is:
Cardiff ContrAl Clinic
Temple Court
13a Cathedral Road