About us


Cardiff ContrAl Clinic’s aim is to continue providing its successful treatment programme to excessive drinkers who wish to control their drinking.


Our treatment allows excessive drinkers to reduce their craving for alcohol and enables people to either control their drinking or to cease drinking altogether.


There are a number of advantages to the ContrAl programme:



  • It works – see “Proof it works” for more information


  • The course does not rely on willpower – you must continue to drink to be successfully treated


  • You do not have to stay on an expensive residential programme, but can continue to live your normal life


  • We have a personalized approach and focus on ensuring you get what you want out of the programme


  • It is confidential


  • You will only see fully qualified staff, who have been working in this area for many years




25 years of research has lead to a programme of assessment, psychological treatment and medication, which is being used successfully across the world – in particular in the US, UK and



The treatment is based on successfully combining medication, assessment and psychological treatment. Together, these significantly diminish alcohol craving without causing any

unpleasant side effects.





Who are we?
Cardiff ContrAl Clinics was set-up in the UK by:


Dr Roger ThomasMB, BCh, MRCPsych


Mr Lyn Price


Mrs Eryl Barker


These three founder directors remain actively involved with the service provided to our clients.