Alcohol and alcoholism – some things you may not know


What are the symptoms of alcohol dependence?


Four common symptoms of alcohol dependence include:


  • Craving alcohol
  • Experience withdrawal symptoms from alcohol
  • Inability to control amount of alcohol consumed
  • Increased tolerance for alcohol


What are the safe limits for alcohol consumption?


Department of Health guidelines state that:


  • Men – drinking between 3 and 4 units a day indicates no serious risk to health
  • Women – drinking between 1 and 2 units a day indicates no serious risk to health


Some other facts about alcohol


  • Alcohol is a factor in 20% to 30% of accidents (Honkanen, 1993)
  • Children of alcoholics are four times more likely to become alcoholics than children of non-alcoholics
  • 3% of cancers are attributable to alcohol (Doll, 1996)
  • In 11% of cases, alcohol is the prime cause of high blood pressure in men (Vandongen, 1994)